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Salter Labs

Salter Lab 1600
350 cc Buble Humidifier 6 PSI
350 cc Buble Humidifier High Flow 6-15 LPM
Adult Canula Large face 7'(2.1) TUbe
Adult Elongated Mask 7'(2.1m)
Adult Elongated Non Rebreathing Mask 7'(2.1m)
Adult Elongted Rebreathing Mask 7'(2.1m)
Adulut O2 lock Humidity Cup 7'(2.1m)
Adult TCL Canula With Cushion 7'(2.1m) Tube
Male eliminate Tangling, Twisting & Kinking Tube
Pediatric Canula 7'(2.1m)Flow 6 LPM/h5>
Pediatric Medium Mask 7'(2.1m)
Pediatric Non Breathing Mask 7'(2.1m)
Pediatric O2 Lock Air Humidity Cup 7'(2.1m)
Pediatric TCL Canula with Cushions 7'(2.1m)
Premature Canula 7'(2.1m) Flow 3 LPM
Tender Grip Skin Fixation System
Water & Conensation Trap