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Oxymed Portable Oxygen Concentrator
₹ 1,50,000
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Oxymed CPAP i-series C5
₹ 44,990
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Oxymed Oxygen Concentrator 5 ltr Mini
₹ 39,990
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Oxymed D Heart Portable ECG Machine
₹ 45,000
Mobility & Rehab
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Medemove Basic Wheelchair
₹ 5,690
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Medemove Basic Electric Wheelchair with Lithium Battery
₹ 55,999
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Medemove Wheelchair with Commode U Cut
₹ 7,499
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Medemove Reclining Wheelchair with Commode U Cut
₹ 14,490
Home Healthcare
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Health Touch Air Mattress Regular
₹ 2,399
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Health Touch Deluxe Blood pressure Monitor
₹ 1,700
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Health Touch Tubular Air Mattress
₹ 5,290
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Medemove Back Rest
₹ 1,240
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Medemove Cervical Pillow Memory Foam
₹ 1,453
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Medemove Posture Corrector
₹ 657
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Medemove Hot Cold Pack
₹ 502

Oxymed is one of the most trusted brands in oxygen concentrators in India. Oxymed oxygen concentrators are imported by Medequip Healthcare Solutions LLP to India under Oxymed brand.

Oxymed oxygen concentrators are of the best quality as the parts are imported from places that are famous for their manufacturing quality. The sieve bed has been imported from France and the compressor is from Germany curated together to give you the best quality.

This is the reason that Medequip Solutions LLP proudly owns Oxymed oxygen concentrators .

The best part is that this light and portable Oxymed Oxygen concentrator price in India is from 1.40 -1.50 Lakhs. Another happy news from our end is that we have launched Oxymed P2, a portable oxygen concentrator.

For more information regarding these Oxymed oxygen concentrators online click the link below:

Relatable links - Oxymed Oxygen Concentrator 5 ltrs Mini

Relatable links - Oxymed Oxygen Concentrator 10 ltrs Mini

Oxymed oxygen concentrators are revolutionary equipment that can change your life. Keep these concentrators near you and be handy with quick action in need. They can help stabilize the condition even if you are unable to access hospital facilities in an emergency.

Oxymed Oxygen Concentrator Price in India

The price is of equipment that people need to worry most about. It has to be affordable only then it will be useful for the people. In India Oxymed oxygen concentrator online is much more affordable than most of the other brands, Oxymed mini oxygen concentrator prices are between ₹39,990 -1.5 Lakhs. A stationary model costs between ₹39,990-90,000 and portable oxygen concentrators are priced between ₹1.4-1.5 Lakh. Medequip has 5LPM and 10LPM variant, Oxymed mini oxygen concentrator 5LPM costs around ₹39,99 0-48,000 and Oxymed mini oxygen concentrator 10 LPM costs around 70,000 - 75,000 in India. Oxymed Oxygen concentrate is not the only reason that you can visit us. The heart is the most essential body organ and keeping a check on it is mandatory. So, take care of your heart with our Oxymed D Heart ECG Machine. A portable ECG machine to take care of your heart. Along with that, you can also have equipment like a wheelchair and other orthotics. In wheelchair section you will find all the options like: -

So, there are numerous options to choose from according to your budget and requirements. Give the gift of health to your loved ones.

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